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Thursday, 10 January 2013 05:13

Competitor Bushing Warranty

SuperPro Competitor Bushing Warranty

SuperPro will warrant any opposition product

The Offer:

******This offer is only available to customers located in Australia & New Zealand *****

SuperPro will replace with SuperPro product, any brand of automotive Polyurethane Bushing, which has failed due to factory defects in material and/or workmanship as determined by SuperPro. The competitor product must have been used for the specific application listed in the original manufacturer’s catalogue and fitted according to the original manufacturers fitting guidelines. Product finish and normal wear are not covered. The offer is limited to replacement of the faulty component only and does not cover the cost of removal and replacement and consequential loss or damage.

Also, if the competitor product has not completely failed but the vibrations, harshness, and squeaks are absolutely killing you or your customer, we’ll replace with SuperPro as we consider excessive Noise, Vibration, & Harshness (NVH) a failure!


What You Need to Provide:competitor-warranty-form-pic

SuperPro must receive the following:

  • Actual failed parts
  • Part number information,
  • Customer / workshop details
  • An undying commitment to “never go back again” for the offer to be redeemed.  


To claim the offer please fill out the Warranty Claim Form below or call SuperPro direct on 07 3892 9000


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Also note that SuperPro’s Fair Play Policy applies to this offer. 


SuperPro also offers lifetime warranty on SuperPro suspension components




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