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BMW E30 SuperPro Suspension Build

BMW E30 Suspension Upgrade and Build with SuperPro Parts. 

SuperPro has a large range of quality suspension upgrades for the BMW E30, all designed to enhance performance!

  • SuperPro comes with a lifetime warranty
  • SuperPro is easy to install
  • SuperPro is engineered to outperform
  • SuperPro is designed tested and made in Australia


If you install a 4x4 lift kit into your 4WD then it is highly recommended that you install a SuperPro 4x4 upper control arm kit to solve both alignment and clearance issues that arise when lifting a vehicle.


SuperPro 4x4 Control Arm kits will provide your 4WD with the best solution.



Issues you will face if you lift your 4WD without a SuperPro upper control arm!

  • Your wheel alignment will never be correct
  • Your wheels will wear much faster than normal
  • Increased costs when driving
  • Potentially unsafe driving situations, especially when braking





Upper Control Arm Misconceptions

Not Every lifted 4WD needs to have a control arm or alignment bush fitted (False).

This is incorrect, for every inch a vehicle is lifted or lowered the alignment of the vehicle is permanently changed. So, in order to provide the best solution to our customers we must sell them a control arm or alignment correction bushing with every lift kit sold. We recommend a pair of SuperPro 4x4 control arms (they come as a complete kit) as this is the best option to return the vehicles alignment to the correct position.


You can get a good enough wheel alignment without a control arm (False).

This is incorrect, once a vehicle has been lifted the suspension geometry is permanently changed from Original Equipment (OE) factory specifications. Typically there is not enough adjustment available in the lower arm to correct and gain back the lost castor and camber after the vehicle is lifted. Meaning that its alignment will never be the same as OE unless a physical offset adjustment is made. In this case a SuperPro 4x4 control arm kit or SuperPro offset bushing is required.



SuperPro Adjustable Sway Bar Link Installation Tips

For replacement of OE (Original Equipment) sway bar links or fitment with a replacement sway bar we recommend you use a SuperPro sway bar link. 



Engineered to Outperform

Due to SuperPro's Advanced Bushing Designs, they Reduce Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH).

SuperPro bushings are the market leading choice for aftermarket bushings for your vehicle. The original equipment (OE) rubber bushings in all factory vehicles come with standard fit components that are mass produced for each make and model and are made to be soft and produce no noise. Poly bushings are known for their increased noise, but not SuperPro bushings. 



Audi RS3 8V SuperPro Rear Sway Bar Upgrade

Our sway bars are used globally for rally, track and drift! 

SuperPro adjustable sway bars are the perfect upgrade to boost your cars performance.  



SuperPro SEMA 2018

For the 15th consecutive year, we will be showcasing our innovative SuperPro products at SEMA 2018.




Performance and Heavy Duty Adjustable Sway Bar Link Installation and Tips

SuperPro adjustable sway bar links. Universal fitment with superior design.




SPF4952K PQ 35 VAG Control Arm Repair Bracket

SuperPro control arm brackets designed to give precision handling.



PQ VAG Control Arm Brackets ALOY3273-80K & ALOY3273-90K

SuperPro control arm brackets designed to give precision handling.



BMW E46 Alloy Control Arm kit ALOY0046K

BMW E46 Complete Repair & Performance & Upgrade Control Arm Kit.