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Wednesday, 27 April 2011 05:55

Research and Development



Engineered designs

SuperPro designs incorporate the latest technology in polyurethane, as developed by the SuperPro Research and Development Team. Design features such as bullet grooves, knurled and spiral bores and grease grooves ensure that the product performs at the highest standards without transmitting any excess noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).

SuperPro components are produced to the highest achievable tolerances for polyurethane. This is essential for the correct fit of each component, resulting in the maximisation of product life and to ensure that the vehicle componentry is not over stressed and damaged. All the steelwork used in the product range is precision machined for precision fitment.


Research & development

Research and development is critical in the continual improvement of the SuperPro product range. The gathering of information used to improve the product never ends. Our dedicated R & D team delivers on the following functions:

  • Constant re-engineering and testing on Fulcrums own fleet of cars and four-wheel-drives.
  • Cyclic testing performed on specifically designed testing equipment offers valuable information on the products durability.
  • Utilising customer feedback to develop better products.
  • The heat, dust, harsh roads and vast expanse of Australia and the race circuits, rally trails, speedways and drag strips provide the perfect test bed to ensure top performance and reliability.
  • Successfully tested in the diversified climates of Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Middle East, South Pacific, UK and USA.

Additionally, products are rigorously tested under extreme conditions in the terrain of the real world. These components are also subject to bump & rebound tests, whereby their ability to compress and return back to the original form is tested for consistency 

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