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Wednesday, 27 April 2011 05:55

Manufacturing at SuperPro


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Customer benefits with choosing SuperPro:

  • Consistent, high quality parts
  • Short lead times for off tool samples
  • Running design changes without effecting supply
  • Lower tooling costs

SuperPro boasts itself on the coupling of best-in-class machinery and equipment  with innovative process systems. This allows for unprecedented flexibility in production options available for the customer to utilise. This flexibility allows for even the smallest production runs (as low as one hundred) while still remaining efficient and competitive against volumes in the thousands.

Our 40+ years experience in manufacturing deliver better quality and save our customers money. This has been recognised by some of the leading automotive parts manufacturers in the world like Tenneco Automotive, Powerdown, Mack Trucks and the Australian Defence Force.

Tenneco is a worldwide ride control manufacturer and they use a range of SuperPro manufactured poly bushings in both their original and aftermarket shock absorbers in Australia and South Africa. These parts are supplied under the requirements of the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) as demanded by vehicle manufactures. SuperPro has supplied Tenneco Automotive with over 400,000 parts, with zero warranty claims.

SuperPro has also pioneered innovative tooling designs that enables the delivery of a consistently high-quality product. Cutting edge technology allows the use of polymer-based moulds that offers flexibility in design, long life and enormous savings in overhead tooling costs.

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