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SuperPros Lifetime Warranty


SuperPro Lifetime Warranty


All SuperPro Suspension Bushings, Sway Bars and Suspension Arms are covered by a Lifetime Warranty

This means that if a SuperPro Product fails, it will be replaced free of charge without exception.

SuperPro also warrants competitor products click here for more info. (Australia, New Zealand, & North America Only)

Because of our complete confidence in SuperPros material, design & manufacture our lifetime warranty includes off-road, track and competition use. 


If you are a retail customer who has purchased a SuperPro product and wishes to claim a warranty. You must contact the business that you purchased the SuperPro product from in order to have your warranty fufilled. If you are a retail customer and contact us for a warranty we will not be able to process your warranty. You must go through the orginal purchase channel. 

Your eligibility for a claim:

  • You must be the original purchaser.

  • The part must be used in the specific application listed in the SuperPro Catalogue.


What is covered?

  • This warranty is limited to the replacement of the originally supplied SuperPro component.
  • This warranty includes off-road and motorsport applications because SuperPro fully supports these uses! 


What is not covered?

  • Product finish and normal wear are not covered.
  • Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends, & Links - are covered by a 3 Year/60,000km Warranty.   
  • This Warranty does not cover the labour costs of removal/ replacement nor any consequential damage, where this limitation is permitted by local law.

What to do if you have a problem?

If you have an issue with a SuperPro part, please contact the original seller. However, if you have any issue claiming your warranty through the original seller, please contact us directly on +61 7 3892 9028 (Aust & NZ) or +1 (650) 362 8016 (North America) or use the contact form below.  

If you are a retail customer, please only call us if you are having an issue with claiming a warranty from the original purchaser. As SuperPro itself does not process warranties for retail customers. All warranties must be processed by the company/mechanic/business that you purchased your SuperPro product from. 

As good as SuperPro is, it cannot always make up for the shortcomings of other suspension components, so when replacing a warranty component please check the following:

  • In the case of leaf spring bushes, check shackle pins, fixed pins and spring eyes for corrosion and pitting.
  • Inspect other OEM suspension bushes for excessive movement, cracking and wear.
  • Make sure Shocks Absorbers & Struts are in serviceable condition.

All of the above can prematurely wear a SuperPro Suspension Component and cause other issues. None of these conditions will void your warranty; correcting them will just ensure you get the best out of your SuperPro Product and let you enjoy that New Car Feel!





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