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Tuesday, 31 January 2017 00:11

TRC1016 Tech Update

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TRC1016 Product Update

79 Series Landcruiser


The 2016 onwards 79 series Landcruiser has had numerous changes to accommodate improvements required to increase the ANCAP rating.

Among these changes, the new model has different radius arms and different mounting positions. We believe this is a change across all models.




If this is the case, our TRC1016 kits will not fit this model due the change in mounting points.

We are working on a solution for this model, but currently, TRC1016 kits will not work with this vehicle.



SuperPro has developed, what is arguably, the most sophisticated, castor increase, high articulation and perfectly weighted replacement Radius arms for the 4WD market.

TRC1016 - 5TRC1016 - set Arm clean-smlTRC1016 - 1TRC1016 - 2

Welcome to the SuperPro Training Centre:

When do I use SuperPro Caster Correction Bushes?

  • Slight pull to the left can be counteracted by a Single Offset kit, supplied with an offset bush to be fitted to the passenger side and a standard bush for the driver’s side.


  • A strong pull to the left can be overcome by installing the Double Offset kit. One offset bush is fitted to passenger side to increase caster and one is fitted to the driver’s side to decrease caster.


  • Where no pull is evident but handling performance can be enhanced a Double Offset kit is used to deliver positive caster to both sides. The vehicle will have improved directional stability; crisper, more responsive steering and improved “return to centre” feel.


 Honda Accord SPF4861 - single offset

HONDA Accord CP 8th Generation - 2008-2012

SPF4860 - Standard Replacement

SPF4861K - Single Offset (photo above)

SPF4862K - Double Offset

Suzuki Alto GF - SPF4790K - Double Offset

 SUZUKI Alto GF - 01/2009-on

SPF4788 - Standard replacement

SPF4789 - Single Offset

SPF4790K - Double Offset (photo above)

Toyota Yaris - SPF4045K - Front Control Arm Lower-Rear Bush Kit - Double Offset

TOYOTA Yaris NCP9_R - 2005-on & Scion XD 2008-on

SPF4045K - Front Control Arm Lower-Rear Dush Kit- Double Offset

Tuesday, 23 February 2016 01:16

Are Spacer Lift Kits Legal in Australia?

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 Top image - lift kit


SuperPro acknowledge spacer lifts have an ugly past. Typically they have not been properly engineered or tested by the manufacturers/importer. We have also seen manufacturers make these kits to lift vehicles beyond a safe or legal lift. SuperPro has done the engineering work to get these kits right! We have incorporated each vehicles suspension geometry into the design of every kit including consideration of the solid height to ensure the shock absorber does not bottom out before it strikes the bump stop. The lift height of each kit is unique and the associated hardware is designed and engineered to be safe and legal. No other spacer lifts on the market achieve what SuperPro has. 

Tuesday, 11 December 2012 22:41

Supaloy WRX Alloy Arms

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wrx alloy arms

Part No: ALOY0004K

When ordering our new SuperPro Roll Control WRX Arms, please quote the part number above

Unveiled at this year’s PRI show 2015 was the Supaloy WRX Alloy arms Featuring the new “Grip Dynamics” system which improves grip for better handling and performance outcomes by focussing on key alignment and dynamic handling elements.

This new leaner, lighter alloy solution helps lower weight, fuel usage and running costs while improving service life and reliability. The first product to be released in this new design are replacement lower control arms for VW, Audi, SEAT and Skoda, providing a 44% reduction in unsprung weight, better alignment geometry and improved safety with alignment enhancements.

New SuperPro Roll Control WRX Supaloy Arms increase the handling of your WRX to better than that of the STi. The arms are built with SuperPro anti-lift and increased caster ability, while also featuring the new “Grip Dynamics” system which when combined, improves grip for better handling and performance outcomes.

  • Alloy light-weight and stronger than original steel – less unsprung weight.
  • SuperPro Anti Lift Kit included with arm
  • Anti Lift dialled into rear bushing
  • SuperPro bushings for increased tyre contact patch control, minimal NV with maximum service life – better handling without a rough ride.
  • Suitable for road and track.


Tuesday, 27 November 2012 22:27

SuperPro re-invents the Vertical Pivoting Bush

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VPB image 1


SuperPros vertical pivoting bushes provide a perfect example of how replacing or upgrading a standard rubber component with a polyurethane equivalent can provide a series of significant benefits.

Especially those found in modern-design suspension systems and specifically, the front control arms.



The VPB design means that all articulation of the suspension is achieved by the flexing of the rubber bush, which inevitably causes distortion, especially under high lateral loads as the rubber tries hard not to tear itself apart. This results in cornering forces and the condition of the road surface moving the front wheels without any driver input and consequently, a momentary misalignment of steering geometry. This can cause vague steering, increased torque-steer and uneven tyre wear.

To overcome these issues, SuperPro began developing a VPB replacement as long ago as 1994 for the Ford Escort Mk3. However, it was not just a case of copying the original rubber components in polyurethane, as this would only replicate many of the issues. Therefore, something more innovative would be required to ensure the control arm would articulate freely, last longer and not increase NVH. The result was a sophisticated yet simple solution.

Each SuperPro VPB is an assembly of four components: a steel encased outer bush that presses into the control arm; a steel tube that fits tightly into the centre of the bush, leaving a chamfered gap at each end to allow movement; and two polyurethane cones that fit neatly over the ends of the extended inner tube. This unique assembly allows the control arm to pivot in the vertical plane with minimal resistance, whist retain positive location in the horizontal plane.

This ensures that all steering loads and suspension movements are directed to the wheels. The positively located joint means the suspension geometry remains consistent and consequently, this provides excellent feedback and feel through the steering, reduced torquesteer and even tyre wear. And, because a SuperPro equipped arm will pivot freely without the material needing to flex to achieve movement - plus, with the long-lasting properties of SuperPros unique blend of polyurethane - a high level of performance can sustained for most of the vehicles life.




SuperPros vertical pivoting bushes provide a perfect example of how replacing or upgrading - a standard rubber component with a polyurethane equivalent can provide a series of significant benefits, especially those found in modern-design suspension systems and specifically, the front control arms.

The increase in manufacturers using sub-frame assemblies where the undercarriage, engine and transmission units are fitted from underneath the car, has led to a change in design of the front control arm bushes, which has in turn uncovered issues with the performance and longevity of the standard-fit rubber bushes. Consequently, most workshops are likely to be familiar with the ever-increasing need to replace front control arms as a result of excessive wear and the failings of the rubber components.

Whereas the traditional mounting of both control arm joints was by using a bolt or pin located in a horizontal plane - in an attempt to reduce production-line assembly times - recent designs have seen the use of vertical pivoting bushing (VPB). This allows the bolt or pin in one of the joints to be located in a vertical position, whilst the other often remains horizontal. The shape of the arm and the way in which a VPB functions has led to a significant change in the design of rubber bushes for this purpose, with manufacturers introducing segmented or directional shapes and introducing voids to allow more movement and reduce NVH (noise, vibration and harshness).

Click here to get a print version of the VPB Bulletin.




Part No:


SuperPro pushes the boundaries of what is possible!

SuperPro is pleased to announce the release of the most technologically advanced Differential Bushings ever produced. The Ford Diff Bush has been a problem part since inception and the associated Ford 'Diff Clunk' an audible issue for Falcon, Fairlane and Territory owners alike, SuperPro has now solved this issue!

The Ford SuperPro Polyelast Hybrid Differential support bushings are the culmination of a year of Research, Development and rigorous testing that have exceeded all expectations in both durability rig tests and in-car trials. In rig testing the bushings have been subjected to almost twice the peak loads experienced by these bushing in the vehicle for 200000 cycles and at the conclusion of the test have exhibited no signs of degradation or wear. In the test vehicles the results have proven that these bushings perform better than even the highest expectations, absolutely silent!

Developing the right material was only part of the solution; some innovative thinking was required to overcome all the issues.This gave rise to Polyelast Hybrid. This technology uses the advanced Polyelast material in combination with SuperPro Polyurethane. Polyelast offers a high degree of isolation and the SuperPro Polyurethane acts as a progressive stopper. This provides progressive isolation and protection of the Polyelast, resulting in outstanding durability.

Insulating the Polyurethane and Polyelast material from the heat transfer was achieved by utilising a lightweight Aluminium sleeve with a composite thermal protection layer was critical in solving the durability issues.

At last there is a solution that incorporates all the best properties of the SuperPro and the original equipment bushing, rolls it into one bush that solves everything and will do so, forever!

Available Now for the following vehicle models:

  • Ford Falcon BF Sedan (2002-2007)
  • Ford Falcon FG Sedan (2008+)
  • Ford Fairlane BF Sedan (2002-2007)
  • Ford Territory SX - SY (2004-2011)
  • Ford Territory SZ AWD (05-2011+)
  • Ford Territory SZ RWD (05-2011+)


Alt SPF3148PK

Rear Differential Pinion Bracket Mount Kit - Polyelast Hybrid

  • Bushing mounted in subframe
  • Standard & Performance option with Hybrid Technolgy


Alt SPF3232PK

Rear Differential Centre Rear Support Kit - Polyelast Hybrid

  • Bushing mounted in subframe
  • Standard & Performance option with Hybrid Technolgy
Alt KIT210K

Rear Differential Support Kit - Polyelast Hybrid 

  • Kit contains SPF3148PK x 1 & SPF3232PK x 1
  • Bushings mounted in subframe
  • Standard & Performance option with Hybrid Technolgy



Thursday, 21 April 2011 04:05

Coil Spring Spacers

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Part No:SPF0352K, SPF0353K, SPF0438K

These coil spring spacer kits are designed and used as a load carrying aid in coil sprung vehicles to restrict the compression of a single wind of the coil spring and thereby increasing the rate of the coil. These universal application parts can be adapted to a large range of vehicles.


spf0352k spf0353k spf0438k


Please Note:-

Kit contents reflect the quantities used per application.

Thursday, 21 April 2011 03:56

Sway Bar Link Rod Kits

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Part No: SPF0987K, A2139


With a replacement for OE part # 92036511 on the following vehicles:

  • HOLDEN VN-VY Commodore/Statesman (1998-2000)
  • CHEVROLET Lumina (Australian Production)
  • HOLDEN Caprice (1997-2000)

Option 1 - SuperPro heavy duty link kit featuring:

A - SuperPro Bushings

B - Heavy duty link designed for less side load on bushing

C - Heavy duty link for sports suspension applications


Option 2 - Mackay Rubber Standard original style replacement link kit


Thursday, 21 April 2011 03:32

Caster Correction Bushings

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SuperPro has developed and is continually expanding its range of Caster Correction Bushes. Field reports and tests determined that caster correction was needed on many front wheel drive cars. To correct the “pull to one side” steering problem, the following options were developed:


Option One:

To improve control, use the original manufacture settings.

Option Two:

To counteract a slight pull to the passenger side, we provide an increase of caster to the passenger side and standard setting of caster on the drivers side.

Option Three:

To counteract a strong pull to the passengers side, we provide an increase of caster to the passenger side and a decrease of caster to the drivers side.

Option Four:

To enhance performance, we provide both sides with increased positive caster.





When fitted to the rear position of the front lower control arm, this series of bushes change the caster angle of the front suspension appox +/- .8deg by moving the fulcrum point of the control arm either in or out thus moving the lower ball joint position either forward or rearward.

There are 4 kits to choose from for both LHD & RHD vehicles, all giving a different result.


Vehicles Available

A wide-range of different vehicle kits and part #’s are available – for a full listing see our latest SuperPro catalogue.


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