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SuperPro Mustang S550 Suspension Upgrades


Ford’s 2015 S550 Mustang has ushered an icon into the 21st century, the vehicle has massive visual appeal and rides exceptionally well for a big, front engine, rear wheel drive coupe. On the highway it has a plush, comfortable ride and handles reasonably well. It is only when pushed beyond everyday use that the Mustang reveals itself as more a grand tourer than a pure sports car.  The OE suspension tuning’s tilt toward comfort and compliance it stripped completely bare when aftermarket tuners begin to extract the additional power readily available from the Mustang’s powertrain options.

SuperPro’s technical team assessed the Mustang in detail and have developed an ideal and comprehensive range of upgrades to increase grip, traction, feedback and overall performance while retaining the high levels of comfort and refinement Ford invested enormous resources to deliver in the platform.



Mustang S550 Rear Suspension Bush Upgrades

The rear end of the car is where the deficiencies of the new Mustang are bought into focus, which has it just falling short as a true “Performance” coupe. Here there are fairly soft, voided differential support bushings and cross member mount bushings. This allows a lot of rear end movement that equates to axle tramp and a general loose, disconnected feeling in the rear end when the vehicle is pushed hard. From the feedback on this car and the proliferation of performance products to solve this problem coming onto the market, this highlighted the need for a carefully thought out, engineered solution to meet all the differing needs of all Mustang owners craving performance while wanting to preserve the inherent goodness of the car. Product offerings in the market range from the unrealistic solution of billet aluminium replacement parts to rock hard polyurethane. These solutions may be acceptable on a purely track car but not on the road, as they result in a massive increase in cabin noise and vibration and deviate significantly from the balance of performance and useability that has drawn so many enthusiasts to the platform.


TRC5500 - Complete Mustang Rear Traction Kit

TRC5500 SuperPro Mustang Rear Traction Kit

SuperPro Mustang S550 Traction Kit  SuperPro Mustang Traction Kit complete  

Includes TRC4758 & TRC4767. SuperPro Hybrid material provides accurate location and minimal deflection with no increase in NVH over the OEM component.



TRC4758 - Rear Mustang S550 Differential Mount Bush Kit

TRC4758 Mustang S550 Rear Differential Mount Bush Kit

SuperPro Hybrid material provides accurate location and minimal deflection with no increase in NVH over the OEM component.



SuperPro took a more refined and thoroughly developed approach and based the replacement bushings on hybrid design. The SuperPro Hybrid bushings for the Differential and Sub Frame mounting positions deliver the perfect result in eliminating wheel hop and axle tramp without any increase in noise or vibration. The key to the success of a number of these components is to utilize a unique elastomer for isolation in concert with our polyurethane as a compound engineered solution to limit travel and arrest motion of the drivetrain and suspension componentry.  The end result is a tight, controlled rear end that will have the most fastidious owner satisfied with the absence of any additional cabin noise.



TRC4767 - Rear Mustang S550 Subframe to Chassis Mount Bushing Kit

TRC4767 SuperPro Rear Subframe to Chassis Mount Bushing Set

SuperPro Hybrid mount set provides positive subframe location to mitigate wheel hop under acceleration while retaining OE levels of NVH.



With the differential and subframe tied down the focus switched to adding stability and control to what is a heavy chassis for a coupe. A large number of O.E bushings in the vehicle are “Hyme” style bushings, but where this style of bush could not be used; a soft rubber bushing has been utilized. The Rear Lower Control Arm forward bushing has been developed by SuperPro in their traditional style to positively locate the arm to minimize any toe change under load and aid grip and traction. Add to this the upper lateral camber link arm in both the inner and outer position to maintain dynamic camber under heavy side loads on the rear tires. This arm is awkwardly located with a slotted mount positon in the sub frame for camber adjustment, making a wheel alignment on a lowered vehicle quite an ordeal. However, to Fords credit a significant amount of adjustment is available to those with an equal amount of perseverance.



SPF4742K - Rear Mustang S550 HD Alloy Integral Link

SPF4742K SuperPro Rear HD Alloy Integral Link

HD integral link eliminates deflection of the OE piece minimizing wheel hop & axle wrap.



SPF4740K & SPF4741K - Rear Mustang S550 Lateral Camber Link - Inner & Outer Bushing Kit

SPF4740K and SPF4741K Mustang S550 Rear Lateral Camber Link - Inner & Outer Bushing Kit

Upgraded material and design provides more consistent contact patch.



SPF4736K - Rear Mustang S550 Lower Control Arm - Inner Forward Bushing

SPF4736K SuperPro Rear Lower Control Arm - Inner Forward Bushing

Minimizes toe change under load, aids grip and traction.



Mustang S550 Front Suspension Bush Upgrades

The front suspension is a more traditional lower control arm and strut bar setup, with the control arm bushing being a “Hyme” style. The original rubber strut bar bushing is large and allows a fair amount of movement under heavy braking. An excessive amount of movement from a bushing in this position is undesirable as it causes dynamic changes to wheel alignment settings that result in unpredictability during high speed cornering and heavy braking with increased tire wear. It is not desirable to completely eliminate this movement, this is why the SuperPro strut bar bushing is designed to minimize and tightly control this movement. In addition, SuperPro designed this bushing to deliver extra caster adjustment to sharpen the directional stability and the steering feel of the Mustang. The design of this bushing allows for on-car caster adjustment ensuring the perfect set up can be achieved.



SPF4737K - Front  Mustang S550 Strut Bar to Chassis Bush Kit - Caster Adjustable

SPF4737K SuperPro Front Strut Bar to Chassis Bush Kit - Caster Adjustable

Upgraded bushing kit is on-car caster adjustable.



Mustang S550 Sway Bar (Anti Roll Bar) Upgrades

As always, the single biggest improvement that can be made to the handling of any vehicle is a sway bar upgrade. The new Mustang is no exception. Coming from the factory with 32mm front and 23mm rear hollow Swaybars as standard equipment. An upgrade in Swaybars was always going to improve the SS50’s handling and stability. A balanced approach was taken by SuperPro to ensure that the body roll was reduced without introducing and unwanted under or oversteer. The SuperPro Swaybar solution that was decided on after months of testing, was to run with a 35mm Front and a 25mm hollow or tubular Swaybar with 3 positions of adjustment. Manufactured from high spec Chrome Moly, the result is the ability to vastly improve stability and “tune” the Swaybars to meet the needs of every situation and driver preference. SuperPro developed machined aluminium Swaybar brackets to house the SuperPro bushes to ensure the Swaybar is positively located to the chassis. In addition, each Swaybar is supplied with the new SuperPro Heavy Duty Adjustable end links to compensate for ride height changes and the removal of any preload. The installation of the SuperPro front and rear Swaybar package will deliver the best value for money upgrade to the new Mustang.


 SuperPro Working on a Mustang S550 Suspension Upgrades SuperPro Mustang S550 Sway bar Upgrades 



RC0074KIT - Front Mustang S550 35mm Hollow 3 Point Adjustable and Rear 25mm Hollow 3 Point Adjustable Sway Bar Kit

RC0074KIT Front 35mm Hollow 3 Point Adjustable and Rear 25mm Hollow 3 Point Adjustable Sway Bar Kit

SuperPro complete sway bar kit for the Ford Mustang S550 includes hollow adjustable bars, alloy adjustable end link sets, alloy brackets and upgraded bushing set.


RC0074RHZ-25 - Mustang S550 25mm Adjustable Tubular Sway Bar 3 Position Adjustable

RC0074RHZ 25 Musatng S550 25mm Adjustable Tubular Sway Bar 3 Position Adjustable

Complete sway bar kit includes adjustable bar, alloy adjustable end link set, alloy brackets and upgraded bushing set.



TRC1245 - Rear Mustang S550 HD Adjustable Sway bar End Link Set

TRC1245 Mustang S550 Rear HD Adjustable End Link Set

Allows compensation for ride height and removal of preload.



RC0074FHZ-35 - Front Mustang S550 35mm Adjustable Tubular Sway Bar 3 Position Adjustable

RC0074FHZ 35

Complete sway bar kit includes adjustable bar, alloy adjustable end link set, alloy brackets and upgraded bushing set.



TRC12160 - Front Mustang S550 HD Adjustable End Link Set

TRC12160 Mustang S550 Front HD Adjustable End Link Set

Allows compensation for ride height and removal of preload.



Tested on the Track by Chaz Mostert

The SuperPro Mustang test vehicle was owned and driven by Chaz Mostert, a young Australian V8 Super Car Driver. He had nothing but praise for the SuperPro team after the test fit of all the new parts to his brand new pride and joy.


“The difference between the car before and after the SuperPro makeover was amazing. The car feels so much more responsive to steering input and the swaybars have improved the stability. All the axle tramp is gone and it is still a pleasure to drive, whether it is cruising or I am giving it a hard time. This is an awesome upgrade!” – Chaz Mostert